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The Kemma Express always tries to meet the customers' needs. People love us for what and how we offer. We believe to offer the best quality service to all our customers. We are extending our service in the form of The Keema. The Kemma Express is offering its spicy franchise. The Keema is known for its variety of nonveg keema (mutton, chicken x egg keema). This franchise is a peppery opportunity for those who are enthusiastic to start their own business.


Keema is a conventional meat delicacy renowned all over the Indian subcontinent. It is said that the word 'Keema' is derived from the Turkish word 'Kiyma' which means 'minced meat'. Keema was a well known breakfast staple in the Awadhi cooking and medieval India. It was a time when royal families considered their culinary as majestic affair as their empires. The royal chefs of few Mughal rulers and Nawabs invented numerous keema recipes to please their lords.


The oil heats up and spices start dancing on the heat. The aroma reaches its peak and the time comes. Time to add the key ingredient. Keema. This keema starts absorbing the sensational fiery zest. The dish begins to savour the flavours. At The Kemma Express, served with legacy, garnished with love. Delectable smell catches the interests. Authentic delicacy takes the hearts.


  • To be the first choice of customers and franchisees.
  • To serve excellent quality of healthy, hygienic and tasty food.


  • To serve the best quality menu
  • To satisfy customers' tastes
  • To generate possible employments through franchises.